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CN English-American literature test paper (April, 2006) I

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I. Multiple choice (40 points in all, 1 for each) Select from the four choke, of each item the one that best answers the question or completes the statement. Write the corresponding letter A, B,C or D ms the answer sheet.

1. "Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing a (n) ___B_____ man'. The sentence is quoted from Bacon' s Of Studies.
   A intelligent                         B. exact
   C. thrifty                             D. eloquent

2. Though John Donne' s poems were not well accepted in his life time, the early 20th century saw a renewed interest in him and other ___C__  poets.
   A. sentimental                       B. rational
   C. metaphysical                     D. neoclassical

3. in ___C___ of Gulliver' s Travels, Jonathan Swift satirizes the western civilization including false illusions about science, philosophy, history and even immortality.
  A. the flint voyage to Lilliput                     B. the second voyage to Brobdingnag
  C. the third voyage to the Flying Island     D. the fourth voyage to Houyhnhnm land

4. As a realist dramatist, George Bernard Shaw is concerned with social, economic, moral and religious problems in his works. The general mood he expressed in his plays is ____A_____.
  A. indignation                         B. satisfaction
  C. optimism                           D. pessimism

5. Christian, Faithful and Pliable are. the literary figures in ___B______.
   A. Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders
   B. John Bunyan's The Pilgrim' s Progress
   C. Richard Brinsley Sheridan's The School for Scandal
   D. Jonathan Swift' s Gulliver" s Travels

6. "The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,
   And all that beauty. all that wealth e'er gave,
   Awaits alike the inevitable hour.
  The paths of glory lead but to the grave. "
  This stanza is quoted from ____C_____
   A. John Milton's Paradise Lost
   B. Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene
   C. Thomas Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
   D. John Keats' s Ode on a Grecian Urn

7. In Thomas Hardy's works, the conflict between the old and the modem is very pervasive. His attitude toward those, traditional characters is___B___.
  A. contempt                          B. sympathetic
  C. indifferent                          D. interested

8. "Do you think, because I am poor. obscure, plain, and little,! am soulless and heartless? ---You think wrong! I have as much soul as you-and full as much heart!---"This part of quotation comes from ___C_____.
  A. G. B. Shaw' s Mrs. Warren' s Profession
  B. John Galsworthy' s The Man of Property
  C. Charlotte Bronte' s Jane Eyre
  D. Jane Austen 's Pride and Prejudice

9. In the late nineteenth century, modernism flourished in English literature. Unlike modern poets and novelists, modem dramatists ____B_____.
  A. showed no only satirical attitude toward bourgeois also, but also optimistic emotion toward life
  B. did not make so many innovations in techniques and forms
  C. inherited the romantic fuzziness and self- indulged emotionalism
  D. took the. irrational philosophy and the theory of psycho - analysis as its theoretical

10. Relationships don' t seem to turn out overly well in Wuthering Heights. Which couple finally sets their happy ending? ____C_____.
   A. Union and Cathy                    B. Heathcliff and Catherine
   C. Hareton and Cathy                 D. Edgar and Catherine

11. "The depth and passion of its earnest glance,
   But to myself they turned(since none puts by
   The curtain I have drawn for you ,but I).-."
   This part is quoted from Robert Browning' s "My Last Duchess. "Here "you" refers to ____D_____.
   A. Fra Pandolf                    B. readers
   C. the Duke                      D. the emissary

12. in subject matter, William Words worth' s poems have two major concerns. One is about nature. The other is about __D____
   A. French Revolution                 B. literary theory
   C. death                                  D. common life of ordinary people

13. Through the character of Elizabeth, Jane Austen emphasizes the. importance of  ____C_____        for women,
    A. marriage                                       B. physical attractiveness
    C. independence and self-confidence   D. submissive character

14. Alexander Pope is well known for the style of biting satire,. His best satiric work is ____B_____.
   A. An Essay on Criticism            B. The Dunciad
   C. An Essay on Man                  D. The Rape of the Lock

15.  ___B______ is a natural means of writing in revealing the prince' s inner conflict and psychological predicament in Shakespeare' s Hamlet.
   A. Dialogue                                 B. Soliloquy
   C. Dramatic monologue                D. Satire

16. The hymn of one of his main works is an Israel's mighty champion, blind, alone, and fighting against his thoughtless enemies. This hero's experience is in close resemblance to the poet himself. The poet" s name is _____A____.
   A. John Milton                           B. John Bunyan
   C. Edmund Spenser                   D. Christopher Marlowe

17. The major theme of Jane Austen's novels is love and marriage. Which of the following is not a couple that appeared in Pride and Prejudice? ___A______.
   A. Catherine and Heathcliff             B. Lydia and Wickham
   C. Jane and Binley                         D. Charlotte and Collins

18. The sentence "three or four families in a country village are the very thing to work on" can best reflect the writer' s personal knowledge and range of writing. This writer is ____D_____.
    A. Walter .Scott                      B. Thomas Hardy
    C. Jane Eyre                           D. Jane Austen

19. The flint mass movement of the English working class was ___C______,which signified the awakening of the poor oppressed people.
    A. Enlightenment Movement             B. Enclosure Movement
    C. Chartist Movement                      D. Romantic Movement

20. In ___A______, James Joyce intended to record the four aspects of the moral history of his country , namely childhood ,adolescence ,maturity and public life.
    A. Dubliners
    B. Ulysses
    C. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
    D. Finnegans Wake

21. In Sons and Lovers,D. H. Lawrence. presented Paul as a(n) ____D_____man and artist.
    A. independent                     B. ambitious
    C. strong-willed                     D. sensitive

22. T.S. Eliot' s early poems are marked by ___D______ in comparison to his later ones.
    A. a philosophical and emotional calm
    B. a set of historical, cultural and religious themes
    C. a dreamy quality, expressing melancholy and serf- indulgent feelings
    D. a mood of disillusionment and the sufferings of modem people

23. Being a period of the great flowering of the American literature, the Romantic period is also called"     ____B_____".
    A. the American Enlightenment             B. the American Renaissance,
    C. the American Optimistic Movement    D. the American literary Revolution

24. The desire for an escape from ___D___and a return to __D___became a permanent convention of the American literature.
    A. the outside...the family life          B. the family life...the outside
    C. nature-.-society                         D. society...nature

25. ____C_____is worth the honor of being "the American Goldsmith" for his literary craftsmanship.
    A. Walt Whitman                       B. Nathaniel Hawthorne
    C. Washington Irving                 D. Ralph Waldo Emerson

26. Emerson rejected both the formal religion of the churches and the Deistic philosophy; instead he based his religion on an intuitive belief in an ultimate unity, which he called the " ____A_____"
    A. over - soul                        B. super - man
    C. godly man                         D. intuition

27. Most people consider ___A_____an unofficial manifesto for the " Transcendental Club".
    A. Nature                                B. Self-Reliance
    C. The American Scholar           D. The Dial

28. The Birthmark drives home symbolically Hawthorne' s point that" ___C____"is man" s birthmark, something he is born with.
    A. goodness                 B. gratefulness
    C. evil                          D. bitterness

29. ___A____believed be had turned the poem into an open field, an area of vital possibility where the reader could allow his own imagination to play.
    A. Whitman                     B. Paine
    C. Pound                         D. Longfellow

30. "Cavalry Crossing a Ford" by Whitman reminds its readers of a picture, or a photo, of a scene of ____D____.
    A. the American War of Independence   B. the Westward Movement
    C. the U.S. -Spanish War            D. the American Civil War

31. Which one of the following statements is NOT true of Indian Camp by Hemingway? ____D_____.
    A. A young Indian woman had been trying to have her baby for two days.
    B. Nick' s father delivered this woman of a baby by Caesarian section, with a jack knife and without anesthesia.
    C. Nick witnessed the violence of both birth and death in the Indian camp.
    D. This woman's husband was murdered while she was in labor.

32. Which of the following statements about Hawthorne' s The Scarlet Letter is true? ___C____.
    A. Hawthorne intended to tell a love story in this novel.
    B. Hawthorne intended to tell a story of sin in this novel.
    C. Hawthorne intended to reveal the human psyche after they sinned, so as to show people the tension between society and individuals.
    D. Hawthorne focused his attention on consequences of the sin on the people in general ,so as to call the readers back to the conventional Puritan way of living.

33. ___C____ is a great literary giant of America, whom Mencken considered "the true father of our national literature. "
    A. Theodore Dreiser             B. Bret Harte
    C. Mark Twain                      D.W.D. Howells

34. The childhood of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in the Mississippi is a record of a vanished way of life in the ___D_____ Mississippi valley and it has moved millions of people of different ages and conditions all over the world.
    A. early 16th century                  B. late 16th century
    C. post - Civil War                      D. pre - Civil War

35. In 1915 ___B____became a naturalized British citizen, largely in protest against America's failure to join England in the First World War.
    A. T.S. Eliot                            B. Henry James
    C. W. D. Howells                     D. George Eliot

36. Perhaps Dickinson's greatest rendering of the moment of ___B_____is to be found in "I heard a fly buzz--when I died--" ,a poem universally considered one. of her masterpieces.
    A. enthusiasm                   B. death
    C. crisis                            D. fantasy

37. Allen Ginsberg, whose " Howl" became the manifesto of ___C______.
    A. the Westward Movement         B. the Utopian Movement
    C. the Beat Movement                 D. the Deistic Movement

38. When the World War broke out, ____A_____began working for the Italian government, engaged in some radio broadcasts of anti-Semitism and pro-Fascism.
    A. Pound                          B. T.S. Eliot
    C. Henry James                 D. Frost

39. Frost' s first collection A boy's Will, whose lyrics trace a boy' s development from self centered idealism to maturity, is by an intense but restrained emotion and the characteristic flavor of ____A_____.  
    A. New England life                      B. England life
    C. the, Southern American life      D. the Western American life

40. Most critics have agreed that ____A_____ is both an insider and an outsider of the Jazz Age with a double vision.
    A. Fitzgerald                     B.  Frost
    C. Cummings                    D. Hemingway

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