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Lesson 11: China and Britain in the World Economy

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Britain lives by commerce.


What this means is that Britain has direct experience of the benefits that international trade and investment generate.


The conclusion we reached in Britain is that changes simply cannot sensibly be put off.


I could draw a further conclusion, which I believe is central to assessing China’s future place in the world economy.


We ourselves attract more foreign investment than any country but the U.S.


For Britain our membership of the European Union and the World Trade Organization has brought this home.


The future of the world economy is of particular interest to my country because we have such a huge stake in it .


But British exports range far beyond services, important as they are.


China’s rapid emergence as a major world actor is a tribute to the drive and entrepreneurial spirit of her people, and more particularly to the fundamental economic reforms she has pursued over the past two decades.


The key to sustaining and building on early economic success was China’s move into world markets.


China’s vast size and resources, her extraordinary economic progress over recent years, have made her an increasingly important player in the modern international economy.


In my view China’s growing international engagement has been vital to her progress.


The enterprise that best meets the needs of its customer, at the best price, offer the most secure future for its workers.


That is the way to maximize her share of world mark; and –as the UK knows from direct experience – to attract the stimulus, the technology and the funding that inward investment can offer.


An average growth rate of almost 10% a year has seen China’s GNP nearly quadruple.


Our place in the flows of global capital is equally central.


Our overseas investments yield Britain a net income of over $10 billion a year.


We rely more than any other major economy on the goods and service that we export, the investment that we attract and we make abroad.


Modernization of industrial production is occurring throughout the country.


Potential American investor will continue to want to assure themselves of an adequate profit.


China has built new and increasing strong links, in both directions, with world markets.


The strength of our financial services sector is well-known; the world’s leading center for international bank lending, foreign exchange, aviation and marine insurance, for example.


I believe it is China’s interest to build on this foundation, to consolidate her place in the international system.



Building a modern economy carries costs too.建立现代经济是有代价的。

The fatal flaw of magic lies not in its general assumption of a sequence of events determined by law, but in its total misconception of the particular laws which govern that sequence.


The fruits of this two-way flow are substantial.


They asked long lists of question, numerically arranged, about the climate, products, laws, business chances, and statistics of the country in which the Consul had the honor of representing his government.


Mr. Foster was obviously quite impressed by the arguments that the Chinese were advancing.


Heat energy radiating from the sun travels through some 150,000,000 kilometres of space before it reaches the earth.


Whereas magnetic fields originating from the travelling signals of nerve cells are even weaker, some hundred million times less than the Earth’s field at their strongest.


These links have contributed to creation of new jobs, new prosperity for China.


Edison tried a thousand different filaments before he found one that he could use.


When the syringe crashed to the floor, it was shattered into a thousand pieces.


When we go to sleep in this position, it drops about 10 percent more.


The system should be designed so as to allow the circulation of water to be no less than 20 cubic meters a minute.


Our eyes can only see clearly an object of 1mm. To see objects beyond him, we need an amplifying glass.


New booster can increase the payload by 120%。


This plot is three times larger than that one.


Wheel A turns twenty percent faster than wheel B.


A is twice less than B.

A 比B 小三分之二。

Revolution means the emancipation of productivity, and so dose reform.


This line is one third as long as that one.

A 比B长了4倍。

A is five times as long as B.

A 的重量比B 轻80%。

A is 20% as heavy as B.


Switching time of the new type transistor is shortened 8.2 times.


《原富》Inquiry into the Nature and Cause of the Wealth of Nations








严复翻译的《天演论》,其原文的题目是 Evolution and Ethics and Other Essays.

financial services sector 金融服务业

the international community 国际社会

foreign exchange dealing 外汇交易

domestic competition 国内竞争

an average growth rate 平均增长率

appreciation of RMB 人民币升值

vast size and resources 地大物博

outward investor 海外投资者

overseas investments海外投资

the drive and entrepreneurial spirit 努力和进取的精神

integration in world markets 融入国际市场

multilateral principles 多边规则

aviation and marine insurance 航空和海事保险

the right climate for 良好的环境

the stock of foreign investment 外资存量

the international community 国际社会

arteries of communication 交通动脉

the sum total of Chinese imports and exports 中国进出口总额

资本流动 the flows of global capital

沿海城市 coastal cities

外汇交易 foreign exchange dealing

欧洲联盟 European Union

对外开放政策 the policy of opening to the outside world

净收入 net income

经济大国 major economy

资本流动 flows of capital

发育健全的市场 established markets

专属经济区 the Exclusive Economic Zones

社会保障 social security

世贸组织 the World Trade Organization

经济改革 economic reform

归功于 a tribute to

海外投资 foreign investment

对内投资 inward investment

与…….利害攸关 have a stake in

国际银行借贷 international bank lending

市场份额 share of markets

经济自由化 economic liberalization

控制通货膨胀 keep inflation in check

定数,定量 finite stock

国际贸易和投资 international trade and investment

贸易与金融关系 commercial and financial ties

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