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Lesson 15: Going Through Old Dreams

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1 Lesson 15: Going Through Old Dreams on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:52 pm



I was unable to read carefully and enjoy all the articles he had sent me, but I was fully aware of the charm of his writings.


Comrade Wang Yidi became an editor of the China Children Press as early as 1975 and we came to know each other at the meetings held by “Children’s Literature”.


Owing to the different times and perspectives, Yidi’s description of those places has brought their other aspects to my attention and broaden my knowledge.


In “Episodes in My Homeland near the sea”, he revealed his love for his childhood life. In “A River at Heart”, he expressed his deep feelings towards the flowing water of a creek, which reminded me of my own love for the boundless, vast sea.


Just like going through old dreams, I remembered the three weeks that I had spent in London in 1936.


After that, I would come out and sit on the steps at the entrance of the palace, enjoying the big flower beds near the gate filled with blooming tulips of distinctive red, yellow, white and purple.


I would loiter in the palace the whole morning.


The travel notes are so colorful and vivid that I felt I was there and they gave me great pleasure.


I find it a great honor to be asked to write a preface to this collection of his essays.


When the sun, the moon and the stars were hidden the thick fog day and night, I visited the British Museum.

老年人有长处,但也有很大的弱点—— 老年人容易固执,因此老年人也要有点自觉性。

Old people have strengths but also great weaknesses -they tend to be stubborn, for example-and they should be aware of that.(Also: be apt to/ inclined to)


All I remember now is that the guards at the entrance were Swiss soldiers in yellow uniforms.


The portrait of Mona Lisa was hung above a narrow, long table with two green candles on either side.


This collection of essays is a best choice for young people and should be read by adults as well.


原文: 我应该说一地同志这本回忆童年和旅游的散文集子,不但是青少年最好的读物,大人们也应当拿来看看。因为这是一本写情真挚、写景鲜明;流畅、健康、引人向上的散文作品。

译文: I must say that Yidi’s book about his childhood and his travels is a best choice for young people and should be read by adults as well, because it is sincere in feeling and lucid in description. It is a very readable, healthy and inspiring book.


I lived on the sixth floor of a building in a street named after the Italian poet Maria Hilida in District 7.


I must admit that my time and energy seem to be running short.


Italy was built up with stone.


In the twenty years between 1929 and 1948, I wrote very quickly and wrote a great deal.


Most of the less developed areas are rich in resources and have great potential for development.


We must immerse ourselves in hard work: we have difficult tasks to accomplish and bear a heavy responsibility.


My sister is expecting me. So I must be off now.


Not far from St Peter’s was the Vatican, the palace of the Pope in Rome.


I would often stood at the narrow, long table, having my simple breakfast.


As the weather was fine, we decided to climb the mountain.


If you have never tasted the bitterness of gall, how can you know the sweetness of honey.


Everybody called her Xianglin’s Wife and no one asked her own name……


I both cried and laughed along with my principal characters, and often despondently scratched my head.

在改变句子结构方面,此句的译者采用的主要翻译技巧是 断句和并句。

When I first heard her sing at a party, I was deeply moved.

周煦良在“翻译三论”一文中写道:直译可以分为三类,其中包括: 译音而不译意,照字面译、按照原文的结构或词序的翻译。


Vatican 梵蒂冈

St.Peter’s 圣彼得

the Westminster Abbey 威斯敏斯特教堂

Flower bed 花坛

the decay of vitality 精力的衰退

a frog at the bottom of a well 井底之蛙

running short 所剩不多

高等教育 higher education

郁金香 tulips

儿童文学 Children’s literature

旧梦重温 to go through old dreams

丝绸之路 the Silk Road

教皇 Pope

斗兽场 arena

卢浮宫 the Louvre

绚丽生动 colourful and vivid

游记 travel notes

大英博物馆 the British Museum

威斯敏斯特教堂 the Westminster Abbey

为…….作序 to write preface to

令…….羡慕 to arouse one’s envy

行动不便 unable to move about easily

拜访、访问 to call on

不计、不论 regardless of

散文集 a collection of essays

财产损失 property damage

感觉到 be aware of

志愿者 volunteer

中国少儿出版社 the China Children Press

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