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Lesson 12: China Can Basically Achieve Self-Sufficiency in Grain Trough Self-Reliance

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The basic principle for solving the problem of grain supply and demand in China is to rely o the domestic resources and basically achieve self-sufficiency in grain.


Natural agricultural resources, production conditions, technical level and some other conditions ensure great potential in this respect.


China has a grassland area of 390 million hectares, of which about 320 million hectares can be used, which places China third in the world in the area of usable grassland.


At present, the contribution made by science and technology to agriculture accounts for about 35 percent of the agricultural production increase, while it exceeds 60 percent in the agriculturally advance countries.


China has rich water, grass land and sloping land resources, which have great potential for exploitation.

The grain-sown area will be stabilized at about 110 million hectares through the increase of the multiple crop index.


The grain output per hectare can be increased by more than 1,500kg.

中国现有宜农荒地3500 万公顷,其中可开垦为耕地的约有1470万公顷。

China now has 35 million hectares of wasteland which are suitable for farming。 Of this, about 14.7 million hectares can be reclaimed.


The grain output per hectare can be increased by more than 1,500 kg through the upgrading of medium-and low-yield land…


To achieve the target is totally possible even if the factor of diminishing land returns rate is considered.


The Chinese government has drawn up a strategy for agricultural development by relying on science, technology and education and is striving to put it into practice so as to narrow the gap between China and the developed countries.


There is potential for exploiting non-grain food resources./Non-grain food resources can be exploited also.


The Chinese government will speed up the reclamation of wasteland as well as land discarded by factories and mines, while it will adopt measures to protect the existing cultivated land.

在播种面积想对稳定的前提下,只要1996~2010年粮食单产平均递增1%,2011~2030 年平均递增0.7%,就可以达到预期的粮食总产量目标。

Given a relatively stable sown area, China can achieve its desired total grain output target if the annual average increase rate of per unit area yield is one percent from 1996 to 2010 and 0.7 percent from 2011 to 2030.


It will be possible to save at least 20 million tons of grain every year if such losses are reduced to within the rational limits.


China has basically achieved self-sufficiency in grain at the present stage, and there are many favorable objective factors for her to maintain such achievement by her own efforts in the course of future development.


China is able to feed 22 percent of the world’s population on about 7 percent of the world’s cultivated land.

There is potential for increasing the yield per unit area on the existing cultivated land.


China endeavors to increase its grain production so that its self-sufficiency rate will be above 95 percent under normal conditions.


China endeavors to increase its grain production so that its self-sufficiency rate of grain under normal conditions will be above 95 percent and the net import rate 5 percent, or even less, of the total consumption quantity.


The reason for us to restore and adopt these trade practices is that we export commodities just for the benefit of our overseas clients.


By 2000 the contribution rate of science and technology to agriculture will be increased to 60 percent.


Mountainous areas account for 70 percent of China’s total territory, and this favorable condition for the development of arbor foodstuffs will offer China widespread perspective for increasing the supply of such stuffs.


In 1984 the total output of wheat rose by 3 millions over that of 1981.


At present, the per unit area yield of grain varies widely in the same districts, the highest yield being 7500kg to 15000kg per hectare, and the lowest 3,000kg to 5,000kg.


The grain-sown area will be stabilized at about 110 million hectares through the increase of the multiple crop index.


Mountain areas account for 70 percent of China’s total territory.


China has an offshore area of 2.6 millions hectares suitable for aquaculture, but the utilization rate is only 28 precent.


The total grain output in 1995 more than quadrupled the 1949 figure, or an average increase of 31% a year.


The output increases 3.5 times as against 1998.

While we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it.


In the next few decades China plans to reclaim more than 300,000 hectares each year to make up for the loss of cultivated land appropriated for non-farming uses and to keep the area of cultivated and constant for a long period of time.


Gulliver’s Travels 一书,林纾译作《海外轩渠录》。


弥补 to make up for

立足国内资源 to rely on domestic resources

实现粮食自给 to achieve self-sufficiency in grain

现有耕地 the existing cultivated land

益农荒地 wasteland (which are) suitable for farming

有利的客观因素 favorable objective factors

粮食总产量 the total grain output

缩小差距 to narrow the gap

有…….潜力 potential for

将至合理范围 to dwindle to rational limits

节约粮食 to curtail grain losses

内陆水域 inland waters

农业发达国家 the agriculturally advanced countries

播种面积 grain sown area

现有耕地 the existing cultivated land

国内资源 domestic resources

复种指数 the multiple crop index

单位面积产量 the yield per unit area

青藏铁路 the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

水产品 aquatic products

集约化 intensification

供需 supply and demand

和谐社会 a harmonious society

可耕地 arable land

食品安全 food safety (security)

畜产品 animal by -products

木本食物 arbor food stuffs

兴修水利 intensify water-control projects

科技进步 the development of science and technology/ scientific and technological improvement

生产能力 productive capacity

人工草场 the artificial grasslands

测算 calculation

basic principle 首要原则

at the present stage 现阶段

the total grain output target 粮食总产量目标

water-control projects 水利工程

self-sufficiency rate 自给率

self-sufficiency through self-reliance 通过自力更生实现自给自足

inland waters 内陆水域

the basic principle for 基本方针

irrigated area 灌溉面积

advanced agro-technology 先进的农业技术

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