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Lesson 7: Journey Up the Nile

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1 Lesson 7: Journey Up the Nile on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:42 pm


Egypt, wrote the Greek historian Hecataeus, is the gift of the Nile.


With the flood came the life-giving mud that made Egypt the granary of the ancient world.


One house teetered drunkenly, half in , half out of sea.


I was puzzled by what seemed a ghost town – a sad vista of crumbling buildings, smashed windows, and broken wires dangling from utility poles.

我感到迷惑不解。 这仿佛是一个被人遗弃的小镇,一片萧索景色,房子濒于倒塌,窗户破碎,断了的电线挂在电线杆上。

The delta and the narrow Nile Valley to the south make up only 3 percent of Egypt’s land but are home to 96 percent of her population.


“Truly Allah has blessed us,”Ahmed exclaimed piously.”Soil, water, sun – we can grow anything!”

“真主可真是保佑我们哪,”阿赫迈德虔诚地说。“我们有土地,有水,有阳光 —— 种什么都行啊!”

Their galabias and turbans stained by the sweat and dirt of a long day’s work, they sat in fornt of a wayside shop, enjoying three of the best things in life along the Nile- tea, conversation, and the water pipe.

他们干了一天活儿,袍子和头巾上又是汗,又是土。这时候,他们坐在路旁一家商店门口,享受尼罗河沿岸人们生活力的三件最大的乐事—— 喝茶、聊天、抽水烟。

Tombs and temples of ancient Egypt follow the Nile well into the Sudan.


At the edge of the fields, rising in dramatic hills or stretching flat to the horizon, lay the brown barren deserts.


No other country is so dependent on a single lifeline. Egypt’s very soil was born in the Nile’s annual flood.


All this suggested ancient harmonies.


The Blue Nile rises in the mountains of Ethiopia, where seasonal rains cause the annual floods that inundate the Nile Valley with water and silt.


Yet the Nile has been changed by modern man in ways not yet fully understood.



Not far from St.Peter’s was the Vatican, the palace of the Pope in Rome, constituting a country within a country.

Tobacco addicts remain hopelessly blind to signs that say No SMOKING.


The land is poorer, because the mud that used to come with the Nile flood has stopped.


The region was visited by the worst drought in twenty years.


As rain fell in the Ethiopian highlands and the snows melted in the Mountains of the Moon, the Nile was everlastingly renewed.


“This is the best place on earth,” said Ahmed, an Egyptian fellah, or farmer.


“This is the best place on earth,” said Ahmed, an Egyptian fellah, or farmer, I encountered in the Nile Delta, that incredibly fertile 8,500 square-mile triangle between Cairo and the Mediterranean coast.


The road followed the course of the Nile, now passing through the fields, now drawing a black line separating them from the desert.


The devastating floods and droughts that imposed a recurrent tax of suffering on the farmers no longer occur. Egyptian agriculture has been transformed, and industry is benifiting from power generated by the dam.


Driving southward from Cairo into the valley, I entered a landscape that owed little to present era.


One can’t think of Africa without thinking of Egypt, the cradle of an ancient civilization , nor of Egypt without the Nile.

想起非洲,人们不能不想到古代文明发祥地之一的埃及; 而想起埃及,人们也不能不想起尼罗河。

The ground was encrusted with salt.”The flood does not carry away the slat as before,” Amin explained.


War was avoided by a master stroke of statesmanship.


To explore the moon’s surface, rockets were launched again and again.


The workers were seen repairing the machine.


He is felt to be a little stiff.


My holiday afternoons were spent in ramble about the surrounding country.


Everything possible was done to conceal our movements from the enemy and to mislead him.


If you are asked personal questions, you need not answer them.


队员 member of a team

不良的后果 negative effects

尼罗河河道 the course of the Nile

法老 pharaoh

地中海 Mediterranean

被遗弃而无人烟的村镇 ghost town

赤道 the Equator

旱涝灾害 floods and droughts

金字塔 Pyramid

一条颜色鲜艳的捕捞沙丁鱼的船 a brightly painted sardine boat

Nile Valley 尼罗河河谷

Aswan High Dam 阿斯旺大坝

At the mouth of the river 河流的入海口

drop anchor 抛锚

half in, half out of the sea 一半泡在海里,一半在陆地上

Ethiopia 埃塞俄比亚

The Nile Delta 尼罗河三角洲

summer resort避暑胜地

freshly harvested alfalfa 刚收割的苜蓿

coastal erosion 水土流失


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