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Lesson 5: Opportunities Open in the West

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1 Lesson 5: Opportunities Open in the West on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:39 pm


The first great rush of population to the far west was drawn to the mountainous regions, where gold was found in California in 1848, in Colorado and Nevada 10 years later, in Montana and Wyoming in the 1860s, and in the Black Hills of the Dakota country in the 1870s.


Feeding as they went, the cattle arrived at railway shipping points in Kansas, larger and fatter than when they started.


Western cities flourished as centers for the slaughter and dressing of meat.


Soon this “long drive” became a regular event, and, for hundreds of kilometers, trails were dotted with herds of cattle moving northward.


Ranchmen were ousted from lands they had roamed without legal title. Soon the romantic “wild west” had ceased to be.


Cattle-raising, long an important industry in Texas, became even more flourishing after the war, when enterprising men began to drive their Texas long horns north across the open public domain.


All plays are alike to me just as all music is alike to Tony.


The great use of school education is not so much to teach you things as to teach you the art of learning.


In the same period, the nation’s population more than doubled, with largest growth in the cities.


I haven’t heard from her since she was ill.


The thick carpet killed the sound of my footsteps.


Under the Homestead Act they staked their claims and fenced them with barbed wire.


Miners opened up the region, established communities, and laid the foundation for more permanent settlements.


The real wealth of Montana, Colorado and California proved to be in the grass and soil.


Didn’t she swear she’d never again believe anything in trousers?


He has been on business, that accounts for his absence.


Between 1860 and 1910, the number of farms in the United States tripled.


Despite the great gains in industry , agriculture remained the nation’s basic occupation.


Make no mistakes about it, boxing is the only sport to confess injuries.


Scarcely less important than machinery in the agricultural revolution was science.


A pretext was the last thing that Hastings was likely to want.


I haunted all the meeting in London where debates followed lecture.


A cat, whose eyes can take in more rays of light than our eyes, can see things clearly in the night.


I hope your success, which is an inspiration to me, will continue.


The acid test is expected to come today or early next week when a bill goes before the U.S. Congress for approval of the sale of U.S.$60 million worth of spare parts to Taiwan.


The thief, who was about to escape, was caught by the policemen.


He managed to raise a crop of 200 miracle tomatoes that weighted up to two pounds each.


I have strong opinions, which wouldn’t suit you.


Vicky was an energetic student who labored at her dissertation on a little-known 14th century poet.


He had talked to Vice-President, who assured him that everything that could be done would be done.


He took the idea to Bill, who like it and ordered a secret study; made to see if it could be done.


He was not one of the long-winded prosy speakers, who seem to delight in talking chiefly because they give delight to nobody.


Actually, it isn’t Because it assumes that there is an agreed account of human rights, which is something the world does not have.


He wanted to send them more aid, more weapons and a few more men.


The summer faded. Trade grew more competitive.


Some six million head of cattle were driven up from Texas to winter on the high plains of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.


Eventually, though a few communities continued to be devoted almost exclusively to mining, the real wealth of Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and California proved to be in the grass and soil.


Western cities flourished as centers for the slaughter and dressing meat.


The gentlemen unfortunately took notice of Tom’s name, which was written in many parts of the book.


At dinner I found myself placed between Mrs. Bradley and a shy drab girl who seemed even younger than the others.


We will put off the outing until next week, when we won’t be so busy.


You compare her with your English-women who wolf down from three to five meals a day; and naturally you find her a sylph.



The only thing I worry about is that we may lose opportunities. If we don’t seize them, they will slip through our fingers as time speeds by.


The research on superconductivity is an important breakthrough and we think this result is successful and encouraging. Our opinion is shared by Professor Tashinori Takagi from Tokyo University and Professor Morgenhau of Princeton University, U.S.A.

a bigger movement in the air 一场更大的运动在酝酿中

country-wide trade 全国范围的贸易

dressing of meat 调制肉类

legal title 合法手续

stock-raising 畜牧业

heavily pastured 过度放牧

Homestead Act 宅地法

the gold rush 淘金热

The Great Lakes 五大湖

with legal title 以合法手续

machine farming 机械农业

account for 造成

centers for scientific research 科学研究中心

教育机构 educational institutions

科学研究中心 centers for scientific research

山区 mountainous regions

高原 high plains

西部荒原 wild west

机械农业 machine farming

有创意的人 enterprising-men

不复存在cease to be

开发 open up

向西部扩张 expansion into west

长期居住 permanent settlement

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