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Lesson 3: My life and Literature

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1 Lesson 3: My life and Literature on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:37 pm



All outmoded traditional thinking; any irrational system which obstructs social progress or human development; any force which tramples on love – all these things are my enimies.


All my books were written with the express purpose of denouncing, exposing and striking out at these enemies of mine.


I felt as if my mind was being whipped, as if a ghost had commandeered my pen and was writing to redress the injustices it had suffered.


I’ve also said recently on another occasion that the highest state to which art can attain is artlessness.


What I hate most are those glory-seeking writers who deceive the public with their lies.


A Japanese author asked me how I was able to appreciate authors and books of so many different schools.



As long as I’m not a man of letters, I’m not subject to any rules of literature.


Often despondently scratched my head.


Though my writing resembles an ugly monster, it actually looks a little better without any embellishment.


There is no old habit but may be cured by a strong will-power.


When I say that I write like I live, and that the highest ideal a work of literature can attain is to be at one with life, and that an author should be able to identify with his readers, I basically mean that books and their authors should never tell lies.


At the age of three, he lost his father. With no one to support them, mother and son found life still more difficult.


Looking at this scene, an idea suddenly occurred to me that there was a welfare factory on the line of Bus No.60./

Looking at this scene, I suddenly remembered that there was a welfare factory on the route of Bus No.60.


In this way, not only can I provide them with good service, set up a friendly relation with them, but also decrease the possibility of misunderstanding and dispute between them and other passengers.


You’ve written many, many books. How can you say you’re not a man of letters?


Literary works have stood the test of time because of the skill with which they were written. Who today really cares about the details of what life was like a hundred years ago?


They are my major enemies.


In short, to be logical , to be grammatical and to have a better command of rhetoric – there are the three points I would like you to bear in mind when you write.


In the twenty years between 1929 and 1948, I wrote very quickly and also wrote a great deal.


Since then I have paid special attention to those who look like deaf mutes.


Physically attractive people don’t need heavy make-up.


All the fellows gathered around, stretching their necks like geese.


That’s the way I am, and try as I might, I haven’t been able to change it.


For twenty years past, I have spent at least 10-20 percent of my pocket on books. Now the only things of some value under my roof, if any, are my books.


Since I have never entertained ambition for making a profound study of any subject, the books I have acquired cover almost everything – religious, art, literature, sociology, philosophy, history, biology, etc. most of them are Chinese translation of literary works by famous foreign writers and anthologies of Chinese poetry and prose through the ages. The rest, often called an outline or introduction, are merely on rudiments of various subjects.


在汉译英的基本功当中,就使用英语而言,有三方面值得注意: 拼法正确、合乎语法、句子平稳。


While doctors can not prove with absolute certainly that smoking causes cancer, a lot of facts show a very strong link between them.


The afternoon sun penetrated the mass of honeysuckle that covered the porch, and fell on my upturned face.


Every one of us, except my poor hoodwinked grandmother, heard of the bad news.


He relaxed himself by playing chess at the end of an arduous day’s work.


There’s been some dirty work with the club accounts and some money is missing.


She is an absolutely one-man wife.


She is a good washer.


The children are always up to amusing tricks.


Few went out in such a cutting and blinding wind.


On these pages you get the story of what happened- and how leading Americans see the priorities now.


When the reply came a few months later they were enrolled as full members, but Chu’s membership was kept a secret from outsiders.


Or when he was shown over the great Nanjing bridge, built where the ferries used to carry trains across the Changjiang River.


Someone took it, and I was caught up and held close in the arms of her who had come to reveal all things to me, and more than all things else, to love me.


When I finally succeeded in making the letters correctly I was flushed with childish pleasure and pride.


He is a dapper sixty-three.


It was a pleasant uneventful ride.


He had some cheerful wine at the party.


There is a lethal combination of high costs and high ticket prices at work, and fundamentally, one newspaper can cut down a show.


It was at Tarr’s that she snatched up gifts for her daughter, Biddy, the lovely doll which resembled a plumper Biddy.


The world is still engaged in a massive armaments race designed to insure continuing equivalent strength among potential adversaries.


Pressing down the button of the alarm-lock, he curled up for a last warm moment under the bed clothes.


An outsider’s success could even curiously help the two parties to get the agreement they want.


She was expensively spoiled from the moment of birth.


Happy families also had their own troubles.


Although machines do work better and faster than a person dose, they will never be able to replace him because they must be controlled by man.


He is admittedly reliable.


Although it is claimed that there is no danger to be associated with atomic power stations, they are being set away from populous centers.


Each country has its own customs.


After high school some of my classmates entered college and others went to work.


I see four kinds of pressure working on college students today; economic pressure, parent pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure. It is easy to look around for villains – to blame the colleges for charging too much money, the professors for assigning too much work , the parents for pushing their children too far, the students for driving themselves too hard. But there are no villains, only victims.



I could not help missing my teachers when talking about the people of Tsinghua. In my first college year, Mr. Yu Pingbo and Yu Guanying gave us Chinese lessons, one reading ,the other writing. Both were benign but stem. Once Mr. Yu Guanying pointed out my mistake of taking Boston ivy for bramble and yet he asked me to write more. Instead of frowning at my hundred-page long English report, Mr.He Ling, my second year Western Philosophy teacher praised me in class. Under his guidance, I read a lot of English versions of ancient Greek philosophic works. The delight of reading was as if I had discovered a new planet.

Measure with fingers 用手指比划

Long for 期盼、盼望

Monkey-like imitation 像猴子一样地模仿

Tense and anxious 又紧张,有着急

Ugly monster 丑八怪

Man of letters 文学家

Let a hundred schools of thought contend 百家争鸣

Literary circles 文学界

浓妆艳抹 heavy make-up

在另外一个场合 on another occassion

花言巧语 flowery language

福利厂 welfare factory

各种流派 different schools

最高境界 the highest ideal/state

手语 sign language

流派 schools

文学流派 school(s) of literature / literature school(s)

旧的传统观念Outmoded traditional thinking

聋哑人 deaf mutes

主人公 principal characters

流传久远/经受时间的考验 stand the test of time

作品 a work of literature

人性发展 human development

收钱,募捐 collect the money

幻灭的 disillusioned

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