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Lesson 1: The Quest

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1 Lesson 1: The Quest on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:17 pm


Taking the train, the two friends arrive d in Berlin in late October 1922, and went directly to the address of Chou En-lai.


Chu The remembered his age. He was thirty-six, his youth had passed like a screaming eagle, leaving him old and disillusioned.


When Chou En-lai’s door opened they saw a slender man of more than average height with gleaming eyes and a face so striking that it bordered on the beautiful. Yet it was a manly face, serious and intelligent, and Chu judged him to be in his middle twenties.
Chou was a quiet and thoughtful man, even a little shy as he welcomed his visitors, urged them to be seated and to tell how he could help them.

Ignoring the chair offered him, Chu The stood squarely before this young more than ten years his junior and in a level how he had fled from Yunnan, talked with Sun Yat-sen, been repulsed by Chen Tu-hsiu in Shanghai, and had come to Europe to find a new way of life for himself and a new revolutionary road for China. He wanted to join the Chinese Communist Party group in Berlin, he would study and work hard, he would do anything he was asked to do but return to his old life, which had turned to ashes beneath his feet.




Would this man receive them as fellow countrymen, or would he treat them with cold suspicion?


As he talked Chou En-lai stood facing him, his head a little to one side as was his habit, listening intently until the story was told, and then questioning him.


When both visitors has told their stories, Chou smiled a little, said he would help them find rooms, and arrange for them to join the Berlin Communist group as candidates until their application had been sent to China and an answer received.


It’s not suggest that we should never utter a syllable about the dark side of event. Of course not.


On these occasions he was given a dinner in his honor and Premier Chou En-lai would attend.


It was a matter of pride to the Mendels that John did so well in his classes that he was recommended for higher learning.


He walked Susan to the corner and sent his greetings to John, and to Mary, their daughter.


In his middle twenties 二十五六岁

对我们初学翻译的人来说,我想可以提出两条要求: 忠实,通顺。

Several times on his trips to China, which he made as a guest of the Chinese Government, Bill’s birthday occurred while he was in Beijing.


Bill was given a chair and asked to wait a little as darkness came on, then suddenly the whole bridge was outlined in lights.


At the hotel I always finished the meal with ice cream and the girls there would laugh because I like it so much.


No man is so foolish but he may give another good counsel sometimes.


I said “I didn’t know you could speak English”. He laughed and he said “a little bit” measuring with his finger and thumb.


“You mustn’t use all that electricity to please me” he protested.


Zhou En-lai arranged for experts from Beijing University to give Bill Morrow some up-to-date information he wanted.


“I’m just an old burn at home,”Bill said,“but here you treat me like a VIP”


The was the very house in which I was born.



They live frugally to accumulate more funds for the state.

Fellow countrymen 同胞手足

Gleaming eyes炯炯有神的眼睛

Late October 十月底

Full member 正式会员

In the thirties 三十年代

Prime Minister 首相

Director-general 总干事

VIP(very important person)重要人物/要人

More than ten years his junior 比他年轻十几岁

More than average height 比普通人略高

A slender man of more than average height 一个身材修长,比普通人略高一点的人

In a level voice 用平稳的语调

Be enrolled as a full member被吸收为正式成员

Turn to ashes 化为尘埃

Up-to-date information 最新消息

In one’s honor 以某人的名义

Keep a secret 保密

Beijing University北京大学

Maternal grandfather 外祖父

端端正正地站 stand squarely

中国共产党 the Chinese Communist Party

候选人 candidates

二十五六岁 in one’s middle twenties

军阀 militarist


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