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CN English-American literature test paper (April, 2011) IV

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IV. Topic Discussion(20 points in all, 10 for each)
Write no less than 150 words on each of the following topics in English in the corresponding space on the
answer sheet.

49. Make a comment on the character of Jane Eyre, the heroine of the novel by Charlotte Bronte.

A. Jane Eyre is an orphan child with a fiery spirit and a longing for love and be loved.
B. She is a poor, plain, little governess who dares to love her master and cut a compleltely new woman image.
C. Jane Eyre represents those middle class working women who are struggling for recognition  of their basic
rights and equality as a human being.

50. Why are naturalists inevitably pessimistic in their view?

A. Naturalism was greatly influenced by Darwin's evolutionary theory and French literature.
B. Naturalists accepted the more negative implications of Darwin's theory and used it to count for
the behavior of those characters in literary works who were conceived as more or less complex
combinations of inherited attributes, their habits conditioned by social and economic forces.
C. Naturalism is evolved from realism when the author's tone in writing becomes less serious and less
sympathetic but more ironic and more pessimistic.

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