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CN English-American literature test paper (April, 2011) III

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III. Questions and Answers (24 points in all, 6 for each)
Give a brief answer to each of the following questions in English. Write your answers in the corresponding
space on the answer sheet.

45. What’s the theme of Emily Bronte’ s Wuthering Heights?

A. The novel is a riddle which means different things to different people.
B. From a social point of view, it is a story about a poor man abused,betrayed and distorted by his social betters;
C. As a love story,the beautiful and horrible passion in human beings.

46. It is said that B. Shaw’ s play Mrs. Warren’ s Profession, has a strong realistic theme, which fully reflects the
dramatist’s Fabianist idea. What’s the theme of the work?

A. As one of the influential members of the Fabian Society, Shaw regarded the establishment of socialism by
emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual and class ownership as the final goal.
B. As a realistic dramatist, he took the modern social issues as his subjects. Most of his plays are concerned
with political, economic, moral, or religious problems.
C. Mrs.Warren's Profession is a play about the economic oppression of women.

47. What’s the theme of Nathaniel Hawthorne’ s Young Goodman Brown?

A. Young Goodman Brown is essentially an allegory. It is concerned with a young Puritan who attends a witches'
Sabbath in the the woods.
B. Goodman Brown's journey is a symbolic journey of discovering sin and evil in human hearts. The discovery
is horrible in that it make Brown a distrust and doubtful man forever.
C. In dealing with the theme of guilt and sin, Hawthorne exemplifies the "power of blackness".
D. The story faithfully reflects Hawthorne's Puritian belief:"There is evil in every human heart, which may
remain latent, perhaps, through the whole life; but circumstances may rouse it to activity".

48. Daisy Miller brought Henry James international fame for the first time. What’s the character of Daisy Miller, the protagonist?

A. The American Girl in Europe, embodying the spirit of the New World.
B. Innocence turns out to be an admiring but dangerous quality and her defiance of social toboos in the Old
World finally brings her to a disaster.

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