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CN English-American literature test paper (April, 2009) III

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III. Questions and Answers (24 points in all, 6 for each)
Give brief answers to each of the following questions in English. Write your answers in the corresponding space on the answer sheet.

45. List at least two leading neoclassicists in England. What did Neoclassicists celebrate in literary creation?

The Neoclassicism period was an important age with the remarkable authors Pope, Defoe, etc.

1) The Neoclassical period is about 1660-1798, also known as "the Age of Enlightenment" or "the age of Reason".
2) In essence, the Neoclassical Period was a progressive intellectual movement.
3) The Enlighteners believed in self-restraint, self-reliance and hard work; They celebrated reason/rationality, equality and science. They advocated universal education, which could make people rational and prefect, they believed.
4)In literature, The Enlightenment Movement brought about a revival of interest in the ancient Greek and Roman classical works; the works at the time, heavily didactic and moralizing; having fixed laws and rules for every type of the literature; among which prose and the modern English novel predominated the age.

46.  Jane Eyre is one of the most popular and important novels of the Victorian Age. Why is  Jane Eyre such a successful novel?

A. The story opens with the titular heroine, Jane Eyre, a plain little orphan.
B. This novel sharply criticize the existing society, e.g. the religious hypocrisy of charity institutions, the social discrimination Jane experiences and the false social convention as concerning love and marriage.
C. The success of the novel is also due to its introduction to the English novel the first governess heroine Jane Eyre.
D. It is an intense moral fable at the same time. Jane, like Mr. Rochester, has to undergo a series of physical and moral tests to grow up and achieve her final happiness.

47. Who are the three dominant figures of the American Age of Realism and what are the differences in their understanding of the “truth”?

A. the three dominant figures of the American Age of Realism are Mark Twain, Howells, Henry James.
B. Mark Twain and Howells seemed to have paid more attention to the life of the Americans, Henry James had apparently laid a greater emphasis on the “inner world” of man. Howells focused his discussion on the rising middle class and the way they lived, while Twain preferred to have his own region and people at the forefront of his stories.

48. What's Dreiser' s naturalistic belief? Please discuss the question with Carrie, a character in  Sister Carrieas an example.

1) Penniless and "full of the illusions of ignorance and youth", Sister Carrie leaves her rural home to seek work in Chicago, she grows from an innocent, pure country girl to be a girl mature in intellect and emotion, and she becomes a star of musical comedies. But in spite of her success in material, she is not happy but lonely and dissatisfied.

2) Sister Carrie best embodies Dreiser’s naturalistic belief that while men are controlled and conditioned by heredity, instinct and chance, a few extraordinary and unsophisticated human beings refuse to accept their fate wordlessly and instead strive, unsuccessfully, to find meaning and purpose for their existence.

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